Air freight is the fastest mode of transport, but with the speed it also attains a very high cost. Air freight of the cargo is done by the customer in cases where the cargo is very urgent or due to its very nature.

VOYOX SHIPPING AND LOGISTICS PVT. LTD. has designed airfreight products to meet the logistics challenges our customers face every day. Our customized and supple method ensures that we offer best options in airfreight services. We have access to the best possible commercial and cargo airlines to meet all requirements of our customers. Due to the comprehensive study and detailed knowledge of airline routes and capacities we can provide a cost and time efficient solution to our customers as per their requirement.

  • Comprehensive Import and Export Operation.
  • Consolidated Air Freight.
  • Door to door services.
  • Time sensitive/Temperature controlled/ Hazardous Products.
  • Air Insurance Coverage.
  • Complete Documentation Service.
  • Perishable cargo freight.
  • Re-packing/ Re-labelling/ Re-Documentation.
  • Parts Management.
  • Complete Tracking of cargo from acceptance to delivery.


Sea Freight is the widely used mode of transport for transporting the freight from one place to another.

We offer specific solutions in ocean freight from booking cargo, arranging for pickup and delivery and managing the shipping documentation. Our strong relationship with multiple ocean carriers helps us to offer a cost and time effective solution that fits the customer’s requirement.

  • Sea Freight
  • Multi-modal International Freight Forwarding
  • Freight Consolidation
  • Over-dimension shipments.
  • Hazardous, Dangerous and Valuable Goods.
  • Project Cargo Management.
  • International Customs Brokerage.
  • Trade Documentation.
  • Sea Insurance Coverage.
  • Risk Management Services
  • Inland Trucking.
  • Door-to-door services.
  • Value-Added Services.


Our warehousing solutions are designed to assist companies that do not provide in-house logistics services, or that wish to focus on core competencies . We have contracts with warehouses through which we can provide the following services.

  • Operation of functional warehouses according to product type; receiving/issuing and inventory management to maintain optimal status of products.
  • A systematic management for manufacture date and expiry date which is the critical factor for food products.
  • Packing , Palletisation, Fumigation Services are offered.
  • Packing and labelling services can be offered in the warehouse.


We offer an array of transportation services to any place. We have a reliable, local and national transportation service that ensures safe and timely delivery of shipments. We provide flexible, effective, customized surface freight services solutions to our customers. Our large network ensures that customer gets the best possible surface transport service.

  • Full truck Loads.
  • Part Truck Loads.
  • Refer Trucks.
  • Low Bed Trailors.
  • Cost reduction by consolidation.


An in-depth understanding of stringent regulation formalities and documentation helps us smoothen out all operations. A well-managed documentation process coupled with competent, efficient professional man power focuses on personalized monitoring and smoother clearance of shipments within 24 hours for air freight and 72 hours for ocean freight. We also offer customs consultancy to clients.

  • Air Import and Export Clearances.
  • Sea Import and export clearance.
  • Customs clearance under duty benefit schemes.
  • Customs clearance under Carnet.
  • Customs Clearance Consultancy.
  • Project Cargo Clearance.
  • Bulk cargo clearance.


Packing of the cargo is one of the most important aspects in modern business. Cargo should be packed in such a way that it should not only be protected from damage due to mishandling but also it should look compact at the same time.If the cargo packing stands to be bulky then the space consumed will be more will attract more space ie volume which will also cost more.

  • Seal semi-liquids, greasy or strong-smelling substances with adhesive tape, then wrap in grease resistant paper. Always remember that bad packaging may cause damage to surrounding items.
  • When re-using a box, remove all labels and stickers. Ensure that the box is in good shape and not worn out.
  • Use strapping, when suitable, as a good way to seal and secure your box. Use strong tape if a strapping machine is not available.
  • Complete the address clearly and completely, using uppercase letters when handwriting labels to improve readability.


Marine insurance plays an important role in the transaction of Import, Export and Internal trade. The marine policy is issued to indemnify the insured in respect of any loss or damage to the Cargo dispatched from any place to any place. During the transit, the cargo is open various types of perils from the time it leaves the warehouse of the supplier until it is received at the final warehouse of the consignees.

The cargo has to be covered by insurance on value+ freight from source port to destination port &value+freight+duty paid from port of destination to warehouse of the consignee.

  • Sea
  • Air
  • Rail
  • Inland Waterways
  • Road
  • Post Parcels